Spode Christmas Glassware | Make your Beverage Service more Festive

There is something pleasant about drinking from a glass that is designed well. Yes, that does sound a bit odd, but truly it’s not. If the glass walls are too thick, your lips don’t quite meet the rim properly. Too thin and you pray with each sip, your teeth wont shatter the glass. Perhaps nothing is more annoying than having glassware that carries too much weight at the bottom, it’s disproportionate and difficult to drink from.

Certainly any vessel that will hold liquid is just fine, but it’s nice to be served a drink in the correct glass as well. It’s also refreshing for the special occasions to have unique glasses and stemware available for use.

Probably Christmas is the one time of the year that people actually have specific china, flatware and giftware they use. For those that celebrate with elaborate dinner parties, having a full service of both Spode Christmas Tree dishes as well as the glassware is a must.

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The same quality that is placed in the manufacturing of the china is present in the glassware. There are four different types of glassware available, the Spode Christmas Tree pattern adorns each glass and the Spode glassware is rimmed in bright gold, making it not dishwasher or microwave safe. A 14 ounce double old fashioned glass, 15 ounce highball, 16 ounce pedestal goblet, and a 13 ounce wine glass are available. Most can be purchased individually, or as a set of four.

While the Spode Christmas glassware completes the table setting, the glasses by themselves are really quite festive. It is not necessary for the china and the glasses to be used together at all times. One can purchase a glass pitcher in the Christmas tree motif to accompany the glasses. While wine might not be ideally served from a pitcher, mulled cider or some other festive drinks would be lovely served from the Spode pitcher.

Whether adding just a little Christmas touch to your table setting with the glasses and stemware, or finishing the whole service by adding the glassware to an already existing Spode Christmas Tree collection, the entire service can be purchased through Char Crews.

The knowledgeable staff at Char Crews, Inc. can assist with any queries relating to Spode and other brands of china, flatware, stemware and giftware. Contact us by telephone in Hinsdale, IL at 630-920-0190 or in Wilmette, IL at 847-256-5910 or by email to info@charcrews.com .

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